About A Taxis of Bristol

We are A Taxi’s, a Bristol based taxi hire company founded in 2003 who have built up a solid reputation in the area for providing reliable taxis at an affordable price. Being a family run business based in the area, we have a great understanding of our customers needs and a wealth of experience of the Bristol area. We pride ourselves on competitive prices combined with excellent customer service to offer the best experience possible when it comes to  your journey whatever that journey might be.

Know Your Taxi

A Taxis operate two types of taxi: hackney carriage and private hire vehicles. Hackney carriage vehicles can pick up from taxi ranks and can be flagged down as well as being pre-booked. Private hire vehicles have to be pre-booked and cannot be flagged down in the street. Never flag down a vehicle which does not have an illuminated taxi sign or is a private hire vehicle because you will not be insured. All taxis in our fleet will have a sign on the side of the taxi with our name

How to check you are in a licensed taxi

Check the driver’s ID badge Licensed drivers must wear their identification badge and display another badge in the vehicle. The badge has a photograph of the driver, an identification number and an expiry date. Hackney carriage vehicles will be painted blue and have an illuminated taxi sign on the roof. They will also have a white and red licence plate with black printing on the front and back of the vehicle. Licence plates give details of the vehicle and the expiry date. Some are traditional London cabs and others are people carriers. Private hire vehicles Yellow and red licence plates with black printing on the front and back of the vehicle.